Personal Styling Service

Take the stress out of getting dressed and add a One of a Kind style to your wardrobe with Personal Styling and Professional Image Consulting with Fashion Designer Lillea Goian, aka Lillzkillz.

Lillea helps her clients achieve their desired looks by aiding them in the selection of personal style items, such as clothes, accessories, jewelry, footwear, headwear.

She will work with you to identify your tastes, activities, body type and desired image in order to tailor a look to your needs.

Lillea’s client base is a range of people from all walks of life. That includes people of different careers, age and gender, including celebrities and performers. As well, people who simply want to take the stress and confusion out of making decisions on what to wear and look great every day and for every occasion.

Sometimes Lillea’s services extend further than clothing choice; If you like she may also work with home decor or hair and makeup.

Lillea has extensive training in this industry and has mentored with Tracy Richardson, along with graduating from Fashion Styling and Design diploma programs from John Casablanca’s Institute.

Lillea’s own design work has been featured in Vogue and Drone Magazine. Her work has also been worn by celebrities such as Billie Eilish for V Magazine, Tana Mongeau, Dani Thorne, Mod Sun as well as a handful of DJs and influencers.

What a Day with Lillea looks like;

Lillea will meet you at a designated coffee shop near your home to get acquainted.

Here you will discuss your social media platforms, interests, activities, goals, comfort zone, what type of people you admire and your style inspirations. She will send you a checklist you can fill out in advance and this will aid Lillea in making the best choices for you.

Together you will proceed to your home to go through your closets for an assessment and clean out of pieces that no longer work for you. You will most likely be trying on outfits so Lillea can see how they fit etc.

The aim here is to the find pieces that are current, properly suited to your personal taste, ensuring they work for your skin tone, body type, neck line and face shape.

Lillea will help you put outfits together for whatever occasions you have in mind.

She will also help you create a shopping list and work with you to find pieces both online and with a trip to any local shops that would be suitable to your personal taste.

There is also the opportunity to have some or all of the session videotaped for future Lillzkillz vlogs and/or have your photograph taken for your personal use in your own portfolio or to be featured on her social media (if you choose to).

Lillea may suggest custom Pr0fan1ty pieces for you and as a valued personal client she will offer you a discounted price, based on the style and fabric of the selected garments.

At some point during the day Lillea will treat you to a really fun lunch because going through your things can be a little tiring and it is important to keep fuelled for a day like this.

This is a unique and fun opportunity to begin creating the wardrobe of your dreams. Whatever your fashion goals are, work, clubs, raves…you will have had an expert eye on you to feel extra confident knowing you look the best you can.

The One Day Styling package is currently being offered at an introductory price of $400, includes lunch and coffee.

Lillea also has some offers for continued support on your shopping missions after your day with her is complete.

For an extra $50 you can add on text message support for clothes/etc if you are shopping and need advice. Simply send the photos to Lillea and she will respond in a timely manner. This must be purchased on the day of the styling and is for a maximum of 8 texts during regular shopping hours.

For an extra $150 Lillea can come back for a mini session after you have done some shopping on your own and would like her feedback in person. This can be purchased any time and will be a maximum of 3 hours

Upon booking we require 50% deposit and the final payment will be collected the day before your appointment.

It’s totally free to have a quick phone consultation with Lillea about how this can work for you and to make sure you are a good fit to work together.

Email us to set up your call with her now at